Nature Republic’s Whitening Collagen Dream Sheet Mask review~!

Nature Republic’s Whitening Collagen Dream Sheet Mask review~!

Facial mask advertised by JYJ? I'll take it!

Instructions and other tidbits in Hangul~
1. After cleansing, clean up your skin with toner first
2. Attach the sheet mask on your face tightly
3. About 20~25 minutes later, take off the sheet and tap lightly.

Didn't dig the mask texture at all. The quality felt a bit, err, I'm not exactly sure how to put it, but it felt like it was definitely lacking in quality. Though the mask soaked in the liquid it still felt like it could dry out so easily.

s c e n t :  Baby cologne. I'm not fond of baby cologne scents when it comes to facial masks baby cologne but thankfully it wasn't the strong painful baby cologne type of scent that gives me headaches. More of mild baby cologne with a hint of... let's just say it smelled like baby cologne mixed with what i assume to be the scent of young virgin women running through a field of flowers (clearly i'm horrible at describing things, yeah? haha~)

It isn't a bad scent, but it's not exactly my favorite either. 

photos with face masks matched with post-shower hair are always frightening

Closing my eyes and posing all chio-like as I take in the scent of virgins carrying babies in a field of dasies~
*using that as an excuse to cover up the fact i'm not wearing any lenses*
still so incredibly creepy-looking!

In the end, the mask delivered by giving me a teeny tiny bit of a brighter complexion (though not as noticeable as compared to facial masks i've tried in the past) and firmer skin. That's all I really need in a facial mask, to be honest. But still, it's not enough to make me purchase another.

Only decent photo of me for today!
Happy smiles today because of dinner with Darren at Bon Chon!
All cause of Bon Chon, clearly.

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I've got roughly 2 weeks left of summer break and it's all been so pleasant so far. Recently had a wonderful picnic to celebrate my friend's 19th at Heritage Park which was incredibly sweet~ 

 iFairy series brown circle lens + false lashes & pearl set eyeshadow from Saizen (Daiso)
Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream - Bright Fit - Light Beige N02 SPF30/PA++
flower headband from The Ramp, Glorietta

Dress from Mong Kok, Hong Kong
I bought this around 1 1/2 years ago and I can't believe I only pulled it out of my closet and wore it now. 

 bbuing bbuing~

Please excuse my lips, I've recently got the awful habit of biting them and peeling them when I'm bored. Probably shouldn't have mentioned that, but I've kind of recovered from the habit! I don't do it as much now because I'd hate for them to look like someone punched me in the mouth.

Birthday girl~! Can't believe you're 19 already!
Aigoo, we're getting old!

 Renzo being ridiculously creepy in the back.

Super gorgeous chinese temple that I really wanted to explore. Oh goodness, everytime I see architecture like this, I immediately pretend to be Mei ala Zhang Ziyi from House of Flying Daggers.

As a whole, the day was pretty amazing. Cool afternoon weather, incredible pastel colored sky, gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous river nearby**, secluded area not too far away from the city, incredibly intimate ---okay I'm starting to sound like a cheesy travel ad agency, but you get the point. Tonee's 19th was the sweetest birthday idea and I'm happy I was a part of it.

Happy 19th, Tonee!

** totally wasn't lying about the gorgeous river :


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Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash #1 (Strawberry Milk) + Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Shower Cologne Review

Little review on Etude House products

Picked up the Strawberry Milk Talk Body Wash from Etude House a few months ago~

To be honest, I was trying to find a product to help me reach an amount so that I could pick up a freebie (because I just hate walking out of Etude House without a freebie because they're all just so wonderful.)
I asked the staff for suggestions and she showed me the new Milk Talk Body Wash products. 

I picked up the strawberry one and let me tell you now...
I'm not joking at all when I say that it smells EXACTLY like strawberry milk.

Honestly! You could blindfold yourself and have this in a cup next to real strawberry milk and you'll never be able to tell them apart. I'm just really amazed with how they managed to get this scent. So strawberry-like and milky. 

The only flaw would be that the scent doesn't really last long. It fades after a few hours which just makes me really sad. I'd love for them to turn it into perfume/cologne in the future. I'd love for my room to smell like this as well.

But for now, I'm pretty happy with my current Dress Room Sweet Look Shower Cologne~

I had the Sweet Look Body Lotion as a freebie previously and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on the cologne! The lotion + cologne combo is just incredible and it really stays true to the "sweet look" title. 
It's really sweet without being too overwhelming.

I can't really describe the scent. All I can say it that it smells really sweet, like a ton of fresh fruits maybe? Ahh, you really must find out for yourself though~ 

+ make sure you apply after a few hours to keep the refreshing sweet scent!

Mine's almost empty so I plan on getting more soon.

I'm a sucker for really sweet types of scents so thank goodness for Etude House.

Also,  I finally finally sorted out my falsies~!
Hopefully I can pass by Daiso soon so that I could pick up proper cases for my homeless lashes.

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KFEST adventure

Sunny sunny day!
더워요... ~__~ 

~super summery sparkle glow with bright brown eyes~

But in reality I was DYING from being outside in the intense heat.
Summer weather is just too much for me to handle.

"hot summer~ ah hot, hot summer~"

My friend Julie came along with me!
Thank you so much for everything~!

Originally I had hoped that John would come along too, but he was away on a trip.

The festival was held at this place called Eton: Elements at Centris (?).
The architecture reminds me of... mushrooms? mushrooms, maybe?

There were little shops near the venue and look!
Puppies were on sale~! 

Korean Food near the entrance from Seoul Sisters!
They had pretty good Ddeokbokki as well.

Hurrah for booths! Found some of the most adorable things~
Kitty ears + Hello Kitty cookie necklace!

Julie got herself leopard print hello kitty glasses~

SNSD and EXO performances!

GD&TOP feat Bom during the "Oh Yeah!" promotions!
The Bom even had a stitch hat on~ Ahh makes me miss 2NE1 TV lots and lots.

Double A's Kimchi and Zelo from BAP!


Jeo-su-teen Bi-beo oppa!

~Late lunch @ Pancake House~
I can never ever get sick of Pancake House's Classic Pan Chicken. Honestly. 

A group performed MBLAQ's Run!
That song has been stuck in my head for ages now! So pleased to see a group cover this song.

Unfortunately, I didn't catch most of the performances.
I didn't get to see my friend Jam perform with her group, but I heard that they won as champions!

Pretty little cat headband! I wanted to take it home with me, but guh.

Got a cute little Bom name tag~
Also, there was a girl wearing the 2NE1 x Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings!
So jelly! They looked fantastic.

Favorite purchase of the day?
Bubble Brown & Tiffany Diamond Brown contacts~!
So excite bike to test them out soon!

Weirdest thing lying around at the expo?
"Remy, what are you doing here!"
Messed up my mind for a moment and made me forget that I was actually in a Korean convention rather than a cosplay expo or whatnot.

Before leaving, we decided to look around the area a bit more while waiting for the car to arrive.
So surprised to find a Daiso just lurking around! 

I couldn't just leave Daiso empty-handed~
Some falsies (That look pretty similar to Kyary's Eyemazing no. 501.)
(...Sort of. Kinda. Maybe.)
strawberry fleece home socks
& a fox tail~


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