Nature Republic’s Whitening Collagen Dream Sheet Mask review~!

Nature Republic’s Whitening Collagen Dream Sheet Mask review~!

Facial mask advertised by JYJ? I'll take it!

Instructions and other tidbits in Hangul~
1. After cleansing, clean up your skin with toner first
2. Attach the sheet mask on your face tightly
3. About 20~25 minutes later, take off the sheet and tap lightly.

Didn't dig the mask texture at all. The quality felt a bit, err, I'm not exactly sure how to put it, but it felt like it was definitely lacking in quality. Though the mask soaked in the liquid it still felt like it could dry out so easily.

s c e n t :  Baby cologne. I'm not fond of baby cologne scents when it comes to facial masks baby cologne but thankfully it wasn't the strong painful baby cologne type of scent that gives me headaches. More of mild baby cologne with a hint of... let's just say it smelled like baby cologne mixed with what i assume to be the scent of young virgin women running through a field of flowers (clearly i'm horrible at describing things, yeah? haha~)

It isn't a bad scent, but it's not exactly my favorite either. 

photos with face masks matched with post-shower hair are always frightening

Closing my eyes and posing all chio-like as I take in the scent of virgins carrying babies in a field of dasies~
*using that as an excuse to cover up the fact i'm not wearing any lenses*
still so incredibly creepy-looking!

In the end, the mask delivered by giving me a teeny tiny bit of a brighter complexion (though not as noticeable as compared to facial masks i've tried in the past) and firmer skin. That's all I really need in a facial mask, to be honest. But still, it's not enough to make me purchase another.

Only decent photo of me for today!
Happy smiles today because of dinner with Darren at Bon Chon!
All cause of Bon Chon, clearly.

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