Etude House Milk Talk Body Wash #1 (Strawberry Milk) + Etude House Dress Room Sweet Look Shower Cologne Review

Little review on Etude House products

Picked up the Strawberry Milk Talk Body Wash from Etude House a few months ago~

To be honest, I was trying to find a product to help me reach an amount so that I could pick up a freebie (because I just hate walking out of Etude House without a freebie because they're all just so wonderful.)
I asked the staff for suggestions and she showed me the new Milk Talk Body Wash products. 

I picked up the strawberry one and let me tell you now...
I'm not joking at all when I say that it smells EXACTLY like strawberry milk.

Honestly! You could blindfold yourself and have this in a cup next to real strawberry milk and you'll never be able to tell them apart. I'm just really amazed with how they managed to get this scent. So strawberry-like and milky. 

The only flaw would be that the scent doesn't really last long. It fades after a few hours which just makes me really sad. I'd love for them to turn it into perfume/cologne in the future. I'd love for my room to smell like this as well.

But for now, I'm pretty happy with my current Dress Room Sweet Look Shower Cologne~

I had the Sweet Look Body Lotion as a freebie previously and I just couldn't wait to get my hands on the cologne! The lotion + cologne combo is just incredible and it really stays true to the "sweet look" title. 
It's really sweet without being too overwhelming.

I can't really describe the scent. All I can say it that it smells really sweet, like a ton of fresh fruits maybe? Ahh, you really must find out for yourself though~ 

+ make sure you apply after a few hours to keep the refreshing sweet scent!

Mine's almost empty so I plan on getting more soon.

I'm a sucker for really sweet types of scents so thank goodness for Etude House.

Also,  I finally finally sorted out my falsies~!
Hopefully I can pass by Daiso soon so that I could pick up proper cases for my homeless lashes.

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