KFEST adventure

Sunny sunny day!
더워요... ~__~ 

~super summery sparkle glow with bright brown eyes~

But in reality I was DYING from being outside in the intense heat.
Summer weather is just too much for me to handle.

"hot summer~ ah hot, hot summer~"

My friend Julie came along with me!
Thank you so much for everything~!

Originally I had hoped that John would come along too, but he was away on a trip.

The festival was held at this place called Eton: Elements at Centris (?).
The architecture reminds me of... mushrooms?

...space mushrooms, maybe?

There were little shops near the venue and look!
Puppies were on sale~! 

Korean Food near the entrance from Seoul Sisters!
They had pretty good Ddeokbokki as well.

Hurrah for booths! Found some of the most adorable things~
Kitty ears + Hello Kitty cookie necklace!

Julie got herself leopard print hello kitty glasses~

SNSD and EXO performances!

GD&TOP feat Bom during the "Oh Yeah!" promotions!
The Bom even had a stitch hat on~ Ahh makes me miss 2NE1 TV lots and lots.

Double A's Kimchi and Zelo from BAP!


Jeo-su-teen Bi-beo oppa!

~Late lunch @ Pancake House~
I can never ever get sick of Pancake House's Classic Pan Chicken. Honestly. 

A group performed MBLAQ's Run!
That song has been stuck in my head for ages now! So pleased to see a group cover this song.

Unfortunately, I didn't catch most of the performances.
I didn't get to see my friend Jam perform with her group, but I heard that they won as champions!

Pretty little cat headband! I wanted to take it home with me, but guh.

Got a cute little Bom name tag~
Also, there was a girl wearing the 2NE1 x Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals JS Wings!
So jelly! They looked fantastic.

Favorite purchase of the day?
Bubble Brown & Tiffany Diamond Brown contacts~!
So excite bike to test them out soon!

Weirdest thing lying around at the expo?
"Remy, what are you doing here!"
Messed up my mind for a moment and made me forget that I was actually in a Korean convention rather than a cosplay expo or whatnot.

Before leaving, we decided to look around the area a bit more while waiting for the car to arrive.
So surprised to find a Daiso just lurking around! 

I couldn't just leave Daiso empty-handed~
Some falsies (That look pretty similar to Kyary's Eyemazing no. 501.)
(...Sort of. Kinda. Maybe.)
strawberry fleece home socks
& a fox tail~


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