Circle lens review! Say hello to the Geo Xtra WT-A05 

(Note : I hope you can bear through my reviews since I mostly use my webcam and iphone for photos! Hopefully I can pick up a decent camera soon for better and clearer reviews. ^__^ )

Artificial lighting      //     Natural lighting

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  • The lens feel very comfortable.
  • Takes a few hours till it feels like it's starting to dry up, but after a bit of contact lens solution everything's all right~
  • With brown eyes, it gives off a more natural deep gray color rather than a light silver and grey-like color. Personally, I prefer it this way because I can wear this everyday without it looking unusual.
  • The lens look brighter with flash and though bits of brown show (depending on position of the eye) the eyes still look pretty great.
  • 1 year disposal (with proper care!)
  • Lenses are 15mm. I really love large lenses because they're perfect for dolly eyes.
  • Other tidbits - Water Content : 38% Base Curve : 8.6mm

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