Nature Republic's Foot Therapy Peeling Mask

There's a shop by Taft that I like to stop by that re-sells a bunch of Korean cosmetics and facial masks and I was a bit shocked when the employee told me about the arrival of a "foot peeling" mask. I've read about foot peeling masks before and I've seen a couple of reviews, but I decided that I really had to see it for myself.

Nature Republic's Foot Therapy Peeling Mask!

Opened up the package and found this! Inside it comes with this plastic sock type of thing~
(Keep it on for around 90 minutes.)

Remember that you need to keep your feet flat on the ground to avoid the liquid inside from spilling out. There was a little spill because I was lying down on my bed while watching tv, waiting for an hour and a half to pass.

A few nights after, my feet started feeling a bit weird. I don't know how to perfectly describe it. It kind of resembled hard wax?

Well, I didn't really mind it until I was in bed one night feeling really uncomfortable because I felt like there was large pieces of dirt under the covers (Which immediately freaked me out because it reminded me of sand getting in the bed whenever I go to beaches which honestly just pisses me off like nothing else in the world.).

I looked under the blanket and I felt... pieces of skin?

Then suddenly I see my foot...

A bit frightening to look at at first, but before I knew it I began peeling away skin! 
I must admit, peeling away the skin feels a bit.... theraputic in a way? 

There's a teeny tiny heart shaped piece of skin.

Still in the peeling process at the moment. 
[I'll go on and update this entry once my foot stops looking like a snake.]

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