Tony Moly review! Say hello to the Intense Repair Live Snail Hydro-gel Mask
"Skin repairing and deep moisturizing mask sheet with extracted mucus element from living snail."
Wow, a product that has snail mucus!
Let's see how this goes~

[ Direction ]  Tear open and apply to face.
Here's a snap I took from my phone so you can see the mask on my face a bit more clearly. The mask looks like it's made out of jelly~

 Leave on for 20 - 30 minutes then remove.
Don't forget to take it off after 20-30 minutes!
I prefer to go for 30 minutes.
I thought that the mask would leave my face sticky and gooey because of how it felt at first. After taking it out, my skin felt very firm and hydrated with a radiant glow~

Rating: Waaaa! I'm so fascinated with this~<3 Amazing even though it might be on the pricey side.

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