Tony Moly review! Say hello to the Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream~

Here it is! Ahh, I'm a sucker for such cute packaging~! 

Open it up and you can find the cream inside. 
The scent is beyond amazing! Very similar to a sweet, fresh-cut apple. 
^ o ^

After going through your cleansing, apply the appletox cream into your skin and massage in a circular motion. 

Here I'll be testing it out using the back of my hand.

After a little while, you will begin to feel the cream break down into a different texture. As you continue to massage it unto your skin, you can see the dead skin cells start to form. 

See all that? Those are all the dead skin cells from my hand! x _ x 

What I love about this product is that you see the results form immediately.
Also, once you're out of cream, you can still keep the packaging for future purposes. It's great to recycle something as adorable as this.

Rating: Amazing. I'd definitely buy it over and over again.

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